On Camera Scene Study with Séamus McNally

Séamus Mc Nally at filmschool vienna

Seamus McNally’s recent projects include “Orange is the New Black”, “The Night Of”, “Roots”, “Too Old to Die Young”, “Black Mirror” and numerous German feature film and TV-productions. He recently co-directed the feature film “Nothing” in Copenhagen, based on the novel by Jane Teller, and has been coaching lead actors on the sequel-series to “Silence of the Lambs” called “Clarice” as well as “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.”

DEC, 17.-19.2021     10 AM - 6 PM

Active: 8
Observer: 17 - depending on what actual Covid rules allow

Active Participants explore this effective technique by taking on a carefully selected role, from first read to a fully realised scene on camera. Observers are not just passive onlookers, but are actively engaged in the text analysis, practical exercises and feedback sessions.

LANGUAGE – English

TO WHOM does this workshop address?
Active Participants:
At least 1 year of acting studies
Observer: Open to everyone!

Active Participants: € 399.- / 3 days      
Observers: € 99.- / 3 days

With his unique approach to script analysis, Seamus McNally, New York/Berlin-based acting coach and director, helps actors explore stillness, presence and a highly evolved, effective technique for inhabiting beats and actions.
Ultimately, actors participating in this workshop leave with a solidified and elevated connection to their craft, and a refreshed confidence in their ability to deliver exceptional work on set.


Day 1 - Text Analysis
Exploring 4 separate 2-character scenes (with 8 active participants), we begin to solidify our grasp of the underlying story, character histories, character relationship, mark up the scenes for beats and actions, laying the groundwork for the process ahead.

Day 2 - “Inhabiting” the Analysis
On the second day we further explore character thinking and motivations, and undergo the vigorous process of sinking into the individual actions defining each beat, we address and do our best to remove any obstacles between the actors’ thinking and the characters thinking while continuing to flesh out the broader world of the story and the shape of the scene.

Day 3 - On Camera
The process of deepening our understanding of the stories and each character continues, but now with the added element of a camera and monitor, so that we can really begin to see how our choices register onscreen and how we might best subtly shift our awareness of our work in this fresh context.

At the end of day three, we leave enough time to playback the scenes and review our work. (Please note: All material is deleted at the end of day three.)



COVID RULES:  Enter only 2G+
Full Vaccination and/or valid recovery status required

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  1. Wearing FFP2 masks (currently exception: workshop room)
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