Acting for Film - Exercises and Scene Study

with Jerry Coyle (NYC)

We are looking forward to welcoming the renowned, NY based acting coach Jerry Coyle again at filmschool vienna!

1-day-TEASER Tue, Nov 1, 10 am-6 pm
lunch break 1pm-2:30pm

Active Participants max. 12
Language English

Active Participants EUR 130,-
Observers EUR 60,-

Special Guest:
Kristian Achtsnith, Artist Meshwork Management

LAST MINUTE APPLICATION for the TEASER open until Thursday, October 27!

3-day-WORKSHOP Fri/Sat/Sun, Nov 4-6, 10 am-6pm
lunch break 1pm-2:30pm

Active Participants
Language English

Active Participants SOLD OUT
Observers EUR 180,-

suitable for beginners / advanced


This year, Jerry will offer two workshops:

A one-day teaser (Nov 1), where Jerry’s unique approach to truthful acting and solid partner work will be explored through contact exercises based on the Meisner technique, improvisational work and relaxation. From ‘getting in touch’ to ‘getting to the moment’ – Jerry Coyle explores and re-defines the famous ‘repetition’ exercise and provides individual approaches to the core of acting.

A 3-day workshop (Nov 4-6), where the technique will be explored in scene study and camera work. Each active participant will be assigned a scene for the workshop. Under Jerry Coyle’s guidance, you will experience a huge step ahead in your understanding and mastering of scene work and preparation. Jerry Coyle helps you to release common blocks and unhelpful habits – and provides you with individual tools for shooting and casting preparation! Over 30 years of active teaching make Jerry Coyle’s renowned classes a memorable experience for advanced actors as well as beginners.

Active participants will work in front of the camera and analyze their work through screenings and feedback rounds. Observers will take part actively in all group exercises and in the analysis and feedback rounds.

Jerry Coyle Meisner Technique
Jerry Coyle has been teaching film and TV acting at several renowned acting schools throughout the U.S.A., Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, among them the Weist-Barron School for Television & Film in New York City, the Film Acting School Cologne, The Film & TV School /Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU), the Skena Up Film and Theatre Festival in Kosovo and others. He is giving workshops and lectures in Den Hague, Vienna and Salzburg and held several workshops for the Directors Guild in Cyprus and in Kazakhstan. As an actor, he appeared in several films, such as “Extinction GMO Chronicles” and “The Good Shepherd”, as well as on TV and on stage in New York City.