3 Month Course – Camera Acting – basic

3-Month Course Camera Acting - basic

Foundation Program for Acting on Camera in English 

Explore Your Acting Potential!

Immerse yourself in the world of film and unleash the potential of your acting skills with our intensive film program.

The market for actors is becoming increasingly international. We offer a foundational course that teaches you how to act in English and enhance your skills for English-language productions, catering to both the Austrian and international market. Our focus is on developing solid knowledge and refining methodical abilities to prepare you for a successful start. This program caters to those of you who are just starting their acting journey in front of cameras.


In September we offer Intorducing Workshops for Film Acing with our 2 teachers Frauke and alen in English to give you a short clue on Acting on Camera and DIY Managing your Acting Career. JOIN IN!


What We Offer

Professional Guidance: Our experienced instructors have years of experience in the film industry and provide valuable insights into the world of acting.

Solid Knowledge: From the basics of Acting on Camera to fine-tuning your technique, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers the most important aspects of the craft of acting. We focus on training in scene analysis, character development, relationships between characters, and scene objectives.

Methodical Approach: We believe in a holistic approach to acting. Our methods help you to immerse yourself in your roles and deliver authentic, convincing performances.

Collaboration with Professionals: During the course you will have the opportunity to collaborate with industry professionals.

Community Building: We foster a supportive community among our students, encouraging collaboration, networking, and mutual support.

Support for Castings and Calls: We provide assistance with castings and e-castings, offering guidance and feedback to help you showcase your talents effectively.

Career Planning Support: Our team offers guidance on career planning, including advice on headshots, showreels, and promotional materials to help you market yourself effectively in the industry.

Preparation for Set Work: We provide practical training to prepare you for work on set, including understanding set etiquette, working with directors and crew, and adapting to different filming environments.

Accent Training: We offer training in American and British accents to prepare you for international productions, ensuring you are well-equipped for diverse roles in the Austrian and international industry.

Small Group Intensive Supervision: Our course offers intensive supervision in small groups, ensuring that all participants receive individualized attention and support.


Who Can Apply

Individuals with first stage or first camera acting experience or relevant educational background.


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Course Content

  • Acting on Camera
  • Career Planning
  • Set Work
  • Casting Training
  • Accent Training


Number and duration of lessons

13 weeks of instruction, totaling 117 units of 50 minutes each.



September 30, 2024, to January 17, 2025.


Application period

runs until August, 15.



Regular Classes

  • Acting on Camera
  • British and American Accent Training


Block Units/Workshops

  • 12 units of Set Work in 2 workshops of 6 units each
  • 20 units of Career Planning in 5 workshops of 4 units each
  • 20 units of Casting Training in 4 workshops of 5 units each


Number of participants

Minimum: 8

Maximum: 10


Holiday Breaks

October 26 - November 1, 2024, December 23, 2024, to January 5, 2025.



€1699, payable in 4 installments of €430 each, including installment fees.

Average Price per Unit
Approximately €14.50.


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