Catrina Poor / English Coachings

Catrina Poor is an actress, opera singer, speech coach, acting coach and singing teacher.

Catrina Poor is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She received her training at the University of Minnesota, Lawrence Conservatory, and Prayner Konservatorium, where she received a BA Hons in Opera Performance and a Künstlerisches Diplom in Lied and Oratorio.
She has been seen across North America, Europe and Asia in productions ranging from baroque to modern opera, new theater productions and musical theater.
She privately coaches performers ranging from stand-up comedians to radio personalities to Shakespearean actors, and has led masterclasses in Indonesia on „Language and Expression in Lied and Opera“, as well as workshops here in Vienna on „English for the Stage“ at the Wiener Palais Kabelwerk.

The Coachings will be held in English.


This training provides you with an opportunity to advance your English phonetics and pronunciation for international film production.

  • Intense hearing training
  • Dialects (American & British)
  • Intone and Placing
  • Clear Speaking
  • To the Role


This training for your about-me or any selftape scene on camera is focussing on your English speech & accent.

  • discover your personal accent
  • discover your language potential for film
  • train on camera in English


This training offers you a joyful access to your singing voice and its character. Focussing on Musical and Song.

  • discover your personal sound
  • feel music
  • have fun with your voice


  • One-on One Coachings
    SINGLE € 80.-    I    BLOCK OF 5   € 380.-      BLOCK OF 10   € 750.-
  • Tandem Coaching (2 people)
    SINGLE € 50.- / person    I    BLOCK OF 5   € 240 / person     BLOCK OF 10   € 400.- / person
  • Small Group Coaching (3-5 people)
    SINGLE € 40.- / person    I    BLOCK OF 5  €175 .- / person     BLOCK OF 10   € 300.-/person
  • Large Group coaching (6-9 people)
    SINGLE € 35.- / person    I    BLOCK OF 5  €150 .- / person     BLOCK OF 10   € 250.-/person