English Singing Class

In this class we will free your singing voice!

Whether musical or song: From Disney- Songs to Andrew Lloyd Webber, Leonard Bernstein and many others. In this class you have the opportunity to improve both your English and your vocal skills. You will work on polyphonic songs in a small choir. And the most important thing: Setting free your voice and having fun singing is in the foreground! For people aged 17 and over.

  • intonation
  • singing in the group
  • English pronounciation scills
  • Musical
  • Song
  • Weekly in a group
  • Bookable in 1 or 2 semesters
  • In English


Catrina Poor


1 semester (15 lessons) € 248 € appr. 16,5 / hour
2 semesters (60 lessons) € 435 € appr. 14,5 / hour